Friday, October 5, 2007

Marc Rosenberg on expectations on Lisbon Conference 2007

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What are your expectations for the EU eLearning Conference 2007?
I always enjoy hearing about what is going on in Europe with regard to e-learning. While I understand that government can’t do everything, I am impressed with the value the EU has placed on technology-based learning. It is a great catalyst. I am also looking forward to the enthusiasm that I always find when I travel to the EU. As this is the first EU eLearning conference that I will be attending, I hope to learn as much as I can during my stay.

Message from the Technical-Scientific Committee President

The forthcoming eLearning 2007 Conference which takes place in Lisbon, 15-16 October 2007, is the 4th major EU Conference of the kind following Helsinki (July 2006) and Brussels (May 2005).

This year’s event develops under the general umbrella ‘Delivering on the Lisbon Agenda’. The Conference is a unique opportunity to address a renewed eLearning role against a backdrop of outstanding challenges facing Europe in the next years. The selected themes will bring together contributions from a remarkable group of speakers to discuss cutting-edge eLearning issues like Inclusion, Knowledge Sharing, Informal Learning, Communities, Skills, Quality and Valuation.

The construct of a common vision on the future of ICT-embedded learning capable of inspiring a new generation of integrated approaches to sustain Learning and Knowledge Societies lies at the heart of this initiative.

At a fundamental crossroad of European construction it is timely to bring back the learning agenda to the very core of the European Union efforts to cooperate, to innovate, and to compete.

Europeans can – should – stand together in the pursuit of standards of excellence in learning designed to better serve peoples, communities, societies, economies and institutions.

After all, Europe is a continent forged of genuine intellectual advancement and underpinned by relentless learning.

Roberto Carneiro
President of the Technical-Scientific Committee

Are we ambitious enough?

In my oppinion the most critical issues that to my opinion should be discussed on the conference are the following:
  • are the goals set by organizations in Human Resource Development and learning ambitious enough?
  • How to make the results more visible and with a good added demonstration effect?

One of my expectations on the conference is to learn more about the best praxis of SMART organizations.

The "hottest" message of my talk is to encourage us to think about finding new wikipedia-like approaches in e-learning in order to create a potential for the “explosion” of modern knowledge. E-learning should become more user-friendly and attractive – a solution could be a combination of e-learning, t-learning and m-learning.

Dr. Atis Kapenieks