Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Opening Plenary 1: Delivering on the Lisbon Agenda

For me, "delivering on the Lisbon agenda" at this event implies being able to point to specific ways in which, aided by eLearning, we can each play a part in helping Europe to maintain or improve its global standing, both on direct measures of competitiveness (such as economic performance, innovation, R&D output, competencies of citizens) and on indirect measures (such as equality of opportunity, personal happiness, consideration for less developed countries).

I look forward to exciting discussions of such issues in the Opening Plenary (where I am a speaker) and in the following sessions. eLearning Lisboa is a great opportunity to share ideas and experiences of how each of us can contribute to achievement of the Lisbon goals, as individuals, as employees or employers, as members of communities, as EU citizens and as world citizens.