Monday, September 24, 2007

Welcome to the eLearning Conference 2007 Blog

Dear eLearning Conference delegates, dear audience!

With only a short time to go we wish to provide this Blog as THE interactive conference space for announcements, discussion and sharing opinions and viewpoints - all around the eLearning Conference 2007 in Lisboa.

We invite you to share your thoughts and expectations on the conference.

  • As a speaker: What will you talk about?
  • As a participant: With which agenda do you arrive - what do you believe should be done in eLearning in Europe?
  • As a conference organiser: What would you like to see as an outcome of the conference?
  • ...
Share your expectations and your inner convictions! Read your colleagues'!

Throughout the conference this space will be a vibrant space, featuring frequent updates of our conference rapporteurs, showing podcasts from the conference voices.

We look forward to reading you thoughts!

Warm welcome, Ulf Ehlers
(for the eLearning Conference Lisboa 2007)