Thursday, October 11, 2007

The strategic importance of a Learning Organisation context (Arnaldo Santos)

We live in a different world, a globalised, competitive world, based on sustained business models in which ‘Intellectual Capital’ is recognised as being one of the main competitive advantages that an organisation can have. Driven by the ‘Knowledge Economy’, people are adapting to this new way of living, though mentalities still need to change to allow for full acceptance of the key roles played by the community-oriented processes of accessing and sharing know-how in the ‘Learning Organisation’ context.
People should be aware of this organisational context and, together, should try to discover and take on board concepts, information and knowledge that are based on solid cognitive and affective structures, supported by innovation.
Let me reiterate that we live in a time of changing mindsets with consequent changes in our learning processes. This means that we need new methodologies, more open minds, alternative learning and teaching practices and, even more importantly, we need to learn to live in a community.
This whole process must, obviously, go hand in hand with a significant evolution of current pedagogy, supported by communication technologies adapted to Education and Training.
Everything indicates that we really do have the methodological tools we need, and that these are capable of further development, particularly when applied to in-class, eLearning or bLearning training contexts.
However, and especially for those reluctant to change, we need to educate, experiment, evaluate and promote initiatives that demonstrate the true pedagogical potential of both eLearning and bLearning.
I hope that this Lisbon conference can show the strategic importance and relevance of our work, especially in the way it impacts on Social and Digital Cohesion, Retraining for the Knowledge Society and the Value of eLearning in organisations.

Arnaldo Santos

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