Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Making Visions Real ...

I would like to share a comment of Etelberto Costa, Executive Conference Organiser, with all of you you which shows the great spirit, the conference organisation team is putting in the conference (see below)
Greetings, Ulf Ehlers

Realizing that our knowledge generate an idea, one year ago, that is now becoming visible, is not a dream born from a nightmare but a secure path for all that work on it.

Who works in Education and Training knows how important is to have visions and make them real. We believe on the new vision for Education in Europe, shared and caring about others, trough and with technology.

Portugal and their citizens,massivelly and activelly are participating on the elearninglisboa. A small country with an important deficit on education levels, but showing afirmation and awareness of their Education and Training elites.

We hope to have great chances to learn more and become better European citizens.

Etelberto Costa

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